The Doggie Table

Dog owners love to pamper their puppies. Choosing the right food for your pet is essential to providing it with vital nourishment. Beneful by Nestle Purinastore offers several varieties of dog food that are formulated for pets’ particular needs.
Beneful Originals dry food comes in three different flavors – beef, chicken, or salmon. Each recipe contains not only meat, but corresponding vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, green beans, spinach, or avocados. These antioxidant-rich formulations are designed to give your pet the daily nutrition it needs.

Beneful Healthy Weight was designed with adult dogs in mind. This dry food helps adult dogs stay in peak condition by maintaining the right weight for them. Beneful Healthy Weight is made with real chicken and also contains apples, carrots, and green beans.

Beneful Healthy Puppy is formulated with extra calcium and supplemented with DHA, which helps brain and vision development in growing dogs. Your pup will love to feast on this recipe, which contains real chicken, peas, and carrots.

Beneful Playful Life, made with real beef and egg, contains the protein your pet needs for a playful life! This recipe also contains blueberry and spinach, giving your dog an extra antioxidant boost.

Beneful IncrediBites contains soft and crunchy pieces that small dogs love. There are two recipes for your pup to chow down on – real beef with carrots and peas, or real chicken with carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach. These delicious formulations provide the daily protein every pooch needs. See,

Since our dogs can’t sit at the table and dine with us, we need to bring fine dining to them. Beneful ‘s dry food varieties bring delicious nourishment to pets of all ages, sizes, and nutritional needs, bridging the gap between their bowl and our table. These products are available on pet supply stores and groceries like Wal-Mart.



The Perks Of Subscribing to JustFab

If you’re a huge fan of shoes, it’s important that you know about the popular retail website known as JustFab. This website has grown to become one of the biggest online retailers out there, and is known for its huge variety of shoes. You might have seen their commercials that feature humorous lines and home deliveries of shoes to consumers. Well, that is what JustFab specializes in! Instead of just your average online shopping website, it’s a subscription. That’s right- shoes delivered to your door monthly at a reasonable, fixed cost!

JustFab features tons of different current and fashionable shoe styles. These may include boots, booties, wedges, flats, heels and more. No matter what type of shoe you are searching for, JustFab will have it. It will be exclusive only to JustFab’s website subscription, and you’ll never find the perfect duplicate. JustFab also offers its loyal customers accessories and a trendy clothing line. Jewelry, scarves and handbags are plentiful on the site as well. Everything you need to create the perfect complete outfit can be found on the JustFab site. The best part? No hassle, shopping free, fashionable clothing and shoes delivered to your door! Source:

JustFab is a subscription service that requires you to create a customized profile with your preferences in style and your sizes for each category. You will receive fashion items based on that at a fixed cost billed to you each month. Upon signing up, JustFab always offers a special incentive to new customers, on top of the already modest cost. Sometimes it’s a high percentage discount and other times it’s a two for one deal. Either way, it’s a great promotion to offer new customers. Once you’ve received your first items, you’ll be hooked. Everything is unique and trendy, and what could be better than fashion home delivery? 

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Teddy’s Farm Birthday Theme Is A Hit

As a mom to an adorable one year old who will soon be two I know how stressful planning a 2 year old’s birthday party can be. With it being the summertime I can’t quite blame the weather for my lack of planning or lack of decorations which would be ideal but unfortunately when it comes to summer babies there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t have a well thought out and planned birthday party.

 Red table

For the last few weeks I have been wrecking my brain with ideas. I have been asking my friends and families for birthday parties but for some reason I cannot seem to figure out what I want to do to celebrate my little ones birthday. It has been far from being an easy experience.

Recently I began looking at mommy blogs and Pinterest for birthday party ideas and I have slowly but surely started to come across some great ideas. Some that I may not be able to apply for a 2 year old party but some great ideas I can use in the future. One that I stumbled across was Teddy’s farm-themed first birthday by Twenty Three Layers. This themed birthday party includes an outdoor picnic setting that is guaranteed to work on birthday parties for all ages and can even be used on a girl or a boy. This unique party layout is sure to have kids talking for weeks and parents envying your party planning powers. It’s simple and easy and did I mention you can get most of these items for You can’t beat free but you can sure try cheap. I’m a firm believer that one should never spend a ton of money on a birthday party for a kid especially when there’s a good chance they won’t even remember it.

Don’t Just Choose Any Membership, Choose A JustFab Membership

If you are an avid shopper and do a lot of shopping online, then you probably know some of the best websites out there for clothing, and you will want to buy clothes on a regular basis from these websites. The only problem is, the website may be charging you membership fees, and if you don’t buy anything, then what do you get out of the membership? Those who are tired of paying for memberships that give them nothing in return will want to try JustFab, because of the fact that they can get a lot out of the membership, not just a chance to visit a great website.
Many websites that charge membership fees will only do so because they feel they are giving you the privilege to use their website, and the fact is, this is not fair. Even if a website gives low prices, there should be something that you get in return for being a member, so the JustFab website is perfect for you.

If you go to the JustFab website, then you can sign up for your membership quickly, and you can start shopping right away. Before you even choose to sign up for membership, you can shop through the website to see if there’s anything you like, so membership is optional and not required to shop on the website. Learn more about JustFab: and

Those who choose to become a member of JustFab will be happy that they made the choice because of the fact that they’ll save half off on every purchase in the future. Every purchase they make will also reward them points, and their membership fee won’t go to waste as it will with many other stores online.

Every month that a member pays their fee, they’ll be able to use the $39.95 fee that they paid, in the store. JustFab is not a website that keeps your membership fee, which means each month you’ll be able to have something new that you purchased from the website with your membership fee. Read more: JustFab Promo Codes: 75% Off Coupon, 2016

Another great thing is that you’ll earn loyalty points, which you can also use to make additional purchases in the store. Those who are worried about a membership fee shouldn’t worry when they join JustFab because they can cancel it at any time.

Those who may want to save up money to buy someone a great gift can simply pay their membership fee each month, and the money will always be in the account, even if the person doesn’t spend the money for months at a time. Those who save up the membership fee money in their account can choose to buy anything they want on the website at a later time. You can read more: JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

No Dieting Guess Work Needed

Overweight individuals not only struggle with their weight but other serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and low energy. These individuals across America and throughout the world have struggled to find that magic diet, pill, shake, or supplement, that enables them to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The issue with finding the answer to weight loss is there is not a straight forward answer, nor is there any magic pill or shake involved, as NY would have you believe. However, if you look at the differences between overweight and healthy individuals the difference is lifestyle. A lifestyle change is something that is best done with guidance and assessment from experienced individuals.

The real answer to weight loss is Nutrimost. Nutrimost is a program that uses cutting edge technology to re-balance your lifestyle through expert assessment of your key fat burning factors such as metabolism and fat storage. Through this process Nutrimost clears your body of toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and everything that has been preventing you from being the healthy individual you strive to be.

The testimonials of this program ( are second to none, with most users losing 25-40 lbs within the first 40 days and continuing to lose weight and/or maintain their correct weight after. With all sorts of tracking devices and data thrown at the common user today, Nutrimost’s find-a-doctor evaluates the most important information correlated to weight loss and the experts use this to help exterminate your bad habits and create a better and healthier you.



Athleisure is What has People Talking about Fabletics

The Fabletics brand has surfaced as something that is very valuable to so many women that are hitting the gym. The celebrity appeal of Kate Hudson is what got people’s attention. It was evident that she would be someone that would get a lot of acclaim because she was such an active person. She loves to run and workout so it did not seem like it was just an entertainer backing this brand. Hudson believed in Fabletics, and she marketed athleisure because she was quite pleased with having clothes that were both comfortable and stylish.

In a Marie Claire interview there was a lot of talk about how she gets away with wearing athleisure at night. This is something that is very interesting because most athlete clothing was meant for workouts only. With Kate, there was a focus for the Fabletics brand to be connected with style. This was so much a part of the brand that it become almost seamless as one worn these garments outside of the gym. People that subscribe to Fabletics are finding that they are gym ready and party ready.

Fabletics is the brand that has managed to become something that is alluring to so many people. There is a lot of positive buzz about this company, and the new stores that are opening are a sign of the popularity of the athleisure concept. Most people are seeing this as one of the best things that they can do to minimize the amount of clothes that they are buying. When you have gym clothes that are also be worn for things like running errands you are maximizing your funds and minimizing the amount of clothes that you will have to buy.
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Some of the clothes have a bra that is built in. Other garments have the stretchy fabric that is good for working out, but this is also form fitting so women can still look presentable when they are out running errands. Fabletics is a powerful brand because the company has mastered the combination of athletic wear and leisure wear by fusing the two together.

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Soros Advice For Refugee Crisis In Europe

Financier George Soros is again offering advice on the immigrant issues in Europe. He is a former immigrant and it would seem prudent that he would know a thing or two about the present situation that threatens to break the EU. He fled Hungary in order to get away from the Nazi occupation, and went to London.

One thing Mr Soros points out is that the present plan pushes the immigrants into countries where they do not want to be, and do not necessarily want to take them in. One of the main issues with the present plan is that it essentially turns Greece into one huge prison cell.

Refugees have a pretty good idea of where they want to go. Mr Soros, when he left Hungary, knew that he wanted to go to London. There he attained an education on and moved into the financial sector to make millions of dollars. His personal choices led him to where he could have a chance at being successful in life, and that is just what he did.

The report as published in the New York Review of Books, states that George Soros feels that these same chances should be available for the present subject of immigrants as well. When they feel unwanted or shunned by society, that is when issues will arise and troubles will ensue.

The European Commission on acknowledges these issues. They have proposed new ways of dealing with the situation. Although they have not been able to forego the quotas that the original plan had. These quotas will place unnecessary strain and pressure on both the receiving countries, but also on the immigrants they take in.

One proposed way that the European Commission seeks is inout from member states and concerned individuals. Mr Soros throws his hat into the ring and offers his own input to the situation. In a synopsis, Mr George Soros continually speaks about funding. He states that the present state of the situation does not allot for enough funds for the adequate care and transfer of refugees.

Further, Mr Soros states that if these refugees stay in the Middle East, they will need basic comforts of life. This will take money as well. Schools, clothing, housing and food are all among the many things he feels the European Commission can and should pay for. He further feels that these payments should cease and desist being paid for piece meal.

Lump sum amounts should be offered as grants that do not need to be paid back. It is in this way that the receiving countries will have the ability to pay for the needs of the refugees and help them start a new life. It seems that Mr Soros feels that the cash cow has not already paid out enough money for individuals who essentially are doing nothing to fix their own lives.

The sum total that he is talking abut for funding this refugee net is 34 billion dollars a year. He offers no insight as to when the flood of refugees may ever stop or how he feels the European Commission will come up with these outrageous funds.

The Current State of the Brazilian Economy

Brazil was doing very well economically and in all aspects before the 2008 financial crisis. The country is also very good in sporting activities. First of all, the world Cup events were held in the country in the past, and it drew the attention of most of the nations in the world. The Brazilian football team has always played a good game that left many speechless over the years, and the team has always been ranked among the best performing teams in the whole world.

The financial crisis took place started in the year 2007, and it lasted for almost two years. The problem started in the industrialized nations, and then with time, it gradually spread to the developing countries, especially the ones that depended on the big economies for survival.

Just like most nations, the Brazilian economy was affected by the international financial crisis. However, five years later most of the other big economies have managed to recover well from the crisis, apart from the Brazilian economy. The country elected a president who made the situation worse, and since she was elected, the nation has not made any progress economically.

President Dilma has made the country’s economy to be in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Although the Olympic Games will be held this year in the country, the world’s attention is no longer on the games. Everyone is only watching the state of the economy of the country. The country’s president is believed to have maintained her populist ideas, and this has made the situation worse.

The populist president was re-elected to the position one more time, and the Brazilians believe that she might continue to stick to her ideas, making the country sick deeper into problems. According to Igor Cornelsen, the country can still get back its initial financial position. Igor Cornelsen believes that the nation has not completely lost its hope.

Most of the government institutions were the most affected by the economic problems. The private sector, on the other hand, managed to shock the entire world when they manage to get profits even in the middle of the problems.

According to, Brazil is one of the growing economies in the continent, and many investors are eying its resources. This means that with the right management, the country can get back its position. A new finance minister was recently appointed, and according to Igor, this is a great way of getting the country back to its original position. The minister is well experienced and has a lot of knowledge in financial activities. He will most probably use this knowledge to help his country to get its original state.

The investors in the lower level should also be empowered so that the economy must do well, according to Igor Cornelsen.

Doe Deere Talks To The Press About The World Of Fashion Rules

Fashion is many things to many people. To some people, fashion is about following rules to always the right way at the right time. For others, fashion is all about being their own person. One of the latter is Doe Deere. Deere is one of the world’s foremost experts on makeup. She is a leading fashion trend setter in this field with an avid group of followers who look to her for advice about the subject. In a recent talk to Bustle Magazine, she speaks out about her own personal style and her own fashion rules.

Breaking Rules

Her rules for fashion are all about breaking them and finding your own path. For example, as many people know, it is considered not a good idea to wear lots of colors in a single outfit. Deere challenges this conventional wisdom and suggests that others do the same for a look that is totally innovative and fun. She tells her fans to let go of such ideas and find their own fashion path just as she has done in her own life. She wants her fans to wear socks with sandals if they want and mix patterns with impunity if that’s what’s right for them.

Making Fashion Fun Again

At all times, she wants to make fashion fun again for all everyone. She has done much to help her fans find the right kind of look for them. Her online work has been focused on showing others how it is possible to use color in every way in their lives and how they really feel confident in doing so. She knows that color is right for nearly all kind of look including when you’re just going to the store or playing around at home with your best friends.

Her Makeup Company

This is one of many reasons why Doe Deere started Lime Crime. Lime Crime is her online outlet for all things makeup. Here, her customers can work with her to find the best possible makeup for their needs right on the site. Her very high quality products are available online and can be easily ordered. She spends hours each week looking for the right kind of makeup that is both edgy and yet classic as well. Her makeup is one that many people love because it allows them to be able to get a look that is totally all about using color.

Investment Banking Is a Fast Pace Banking Field

Investment banking is discussed on a daily basis. In addition, people hear about investment banking on television routinely. However, the day-to-day core operations that define and makeup the structure of investment banking are not commonly known.


These day-to-day operations are at the core of investment banking. All the banking services provided by investment banks are centered around these operations. Generally larger investment banks utilize a variety of these operations. However, smaller investment banks because of a variety of reasons tend to use just one operation at a time. Whether a large or small investment bank, one of the main sources of clients typically comes from corporations.


The reason why corporations provide large numbers of clients for investment banks revolves around a structure that caters to corporate needs. In many ways, investment banks provide corporations with a variety of banking services that many traditional banks do not offer. Also, investment banks operate differently than many traditional banks. While traditional banks are slow to change and make decisions, investment banks are typically more flexible and quicker to make decisions.


The ability to be more flexible and quicker to make decisions is grounded in the structure of investment banks. The structure of investment banks gives investment banks many options concerning a wide range of banking services to offer clients. This is a powerful tool in attracting and maintaining clients.


As with any banking institution, the success of a bank depends on having clients. The investment banking structure uses the position of investment banker to help attract and acquire clients. This position plays an important role in any investment bank.


A popular investment banker in the field today is Martin Lustgarten. He is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin. This is the company that he started from the ground floor. Martin Lustgarten has been able to build a solid investment bank through the ability to attract corporations as clients.
In addition, Martin Lustgarten provides numerous banking services for his clients that includes recommendations regarding business activities such as mergers. He also provides assistance with securing and acquiring funds for business transactions. Check out his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s into.